Eligibility Requirements

To join the ranks of Green Thumbers one must be at least fifty-five years old and fall within the income guidelines provided within state law. Income levels may not exceed $36,450.00 for an individual or $78,880.00 for a couple.

A certificate from a healthcare provider stating that one is healthy enough to work is also required. Green Thumb will provide $100.00 toward the cost of a medical evaluation. It is important to note that one should not have a medical evaluation until they have been instructed to do so by a Green Thumb representative.

Supplements Social Security

The Green Thumb Program is operated to ensure that employees’ earnings remain below the threshold that would impact on social security benefits. Green Thumbers earn enough to supplement their income within the guidelines established under Social Security. This arrangement provides senior citizens with an opportunity to remain active and perform a valuable service for the state without incurring a financial penalty under the law.


Part Time Hours

     Green Thumb work is part-time and the rate of pay is New York State minimum wage. On the average, Green Thumbers work three days a week. Some state agencies have openings for Green Thumb employees year round. Other assignments are limited to spring, summer and fall work schedules.