Program Administration

The Green Thumb Program is carried out through contracts developed with numerous state agencies. Green Thumbers can be found working with the Departments of Environmental Conservation, Agriculture and Markets, and Transportation, as well as Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation, The State University of New York, and the Office of General Services.

Green Thumb Environmental Beautification, Inc. coordinates the statewide assignment of senior citizens to positions in the state agencies served by Green Thumb. Peter Crouse, President/Chairman of the Board of Green Thumb, provides general oversight of the program, operating out of our headquarters in Albany, New York. Green Thumb Field Representatives across the state coordinate the activities of Green Thumbers in the field and recruit interested senior citizens into the program.

Now More Than Ever

Green Thumb works! Ask any full-time state employee who has had the pleasure of working with Green Thumbers about the value of the program and the people who participate. With continued agency cutbacks in full-time positions due to state budget problems, the role of Green Thumbers becomes even more vital to the beautification of our state.

It’s no surprise that the program yields positive results. By utilizing the varied talents of our senior citizens to supplement the ongoing efforts of full-time state employees, Green Thumb maximizes the expenditure of state tax dollars. Just look at state facilities where Green Thumbers work. Their cleaner and neater appearance is a mark of Green Thumb pride, a testimony to the program’s success, and our seniors’ talents.

Green Thumb stands ready to provide senior citizens who want to work with an opportunity to continue to utilize their talents and skills. Their contributions to our state are present every day at Green Thumb job sites throughout the Empire State. All New Yorkers benefit from their service and dedication to the environmental beautification of New York.